Kauai in 35mm

Shooting with film is cheating. You just point the thing and whatever you take a photo of turns out looking sick. Developed a roll recently and found a handful of shots of a week in Kauai. When we went, it was just a few short weeks after Kauai had been hit with a large flood.… Continue Reading

Prayed for rain.

It’s been quiet on the GB front for me the past couple of months… not sure what that means… Am I not having as much fun? Am I over-worked? Are vacation days going unspent? It’s a little bit of all of it, but sometimes life happens. Last year, I remember moping around due to the… Continue Reading

The search for cascading waterfalls

This weekend, the tribe spent another weekend doing a quick backpacking trip in the Tahoe area. We ended up doing a trail called Palisade Creek Trail tucked away in a city called Normend. The trip was found off of a Tahoe trails map and was recommended by communities if you wanted to see cascading waterfalls…… Continue Reading