A quiet weekend at Heart Lake

I've always wanted to climb Mt Shasta. One day, I will. In the meantime, with things moving a hundred miles an hour, a quiet weekend to Heart Lake with this stellar view of Mt Shasta will suffice. Also, Heart Lake has the warmest alpine water I've ever been in. Wishing you all a great rest… Continue Reading

Prayed for rain.

It’s been quiet on the GB front for me the past couple of months… not sure what that means… Am I not having as much fun? Am I over-worked? Are vacation days going unspent? It’s a little bit of all of it, but sometimes life happens. Last year, I remember moping around due to the… Continue Reading

6 days in Alaska

Back in October, I fell in love with Alaska. When schedules aligned, I was able to go back, this time with my friend, Hannah. It's been a while since I've had a real vacation... meaning no looking at my laptop or checking my emails. Whenever I get mentally burnt out, nature therapy has yet to let me down. So I took a two-pronged approach to planning our 6 days out...