Hi there! My name is Esther and I live in Santa Cruz with my husband, Freddie, and my dog, Otis.

Some background to help you understand. I moved to Santa Cruz to attend UCSC in 2009. During the first three years, I was miserable and hated the very city that I am so in love with today. Being in a strange new place, I expected everything around me to fall into place as I just stood there hoping for something exciting to happen. During my fourth year of undergraduate at UCSC, I opened up, started exploring, and really quenched my desire to just DO. As my friends and family begin to take their own journeys across seas, I am still in love with the one I’m in now.

My other half and I at the the North Fork of the American River.

My other half and I at the the North Fork of the American River.

With Grommet Barn, I’m trying to encompass a travel blog not of a weary traveler, but as one who is sharing the wonderful discoveries of home. I realized that it’s what you want to make of your day that makes it a good one or not. Whether it’s making coconut pancakes for breakfast, finding new waves to get thrashed with, or taking a drive up the Slowcoast, I want to share some of the little things of Santa Cruz that will help cure anyone’s chronic boredom. Looking around where I am, there’s no shortage of Santa Cruz Mountains inviting me to ride its miles of single track, no shortage of sand to walk on, and no shortage of interesting conversations.

*Disclaimer: Posts are pretty much streams of consciousness so don’t dwell too much on grammatical, flow, whatever, (does that extra comma bother you?) errors. Life’s too short for that.

A grommet is as a grommet does.

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