First look at Fall – Ventana Wilderness, Big Sur

There’s something about taking an adventure in your backyard that transforms the meaning of home. I say “backyard” loosely, considering I’m reliving my weekend in Big Sur which is just about two hours away from Santa Cruz. This unique terrain where mountain meets ocean brings the best of both of my favorite worlds. Big Sur, close, but just far enough– just right for a spontaneous adventure. So while revisiting one of Freddie’s trips from early Summer, we decided to do an impromptu weekend trip to Ventana Wilderness to catch a breather from a long week.

Just what the doctor ordered.

IMG_5442 IMG_5581 IMG_5580 IMG_5579 IMG_5575 IMG_5574 IMG_5568 IMG_5566 IMG_5561 IMG_5559 IMG_5558 IMG_5557 IMG_5556 IMG_5542 IMG_5540 IMG_5535 IMG_5534 IMG_5533 IMG_5531 IMG_5530 IMG_5528 IMG_5527 IMG_5526 IMG_5525 IMG_5524 IMG_5519 IMG_5514 IMG_5511 IMG_5508 IMG_5507 IMG_5502 IMG_5501 IMG_5499 IMG_5497 IMG_5496 IMG_5495 IMG_5490 IMG_5486 IMG_5482 IMG_5463 IMG_5457 IMG_5454

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