A Weekend at Sword Lake

During labor day weekend I did a light backpacking trip in Stanislaus and hit up Sword Lake and Lost Lake for some fun cliff jumping. Honestly, it was one of the most fun trips of my life. (For those curious of what I packed, I wrote a post just before I left.)

The initial trip is fairly easy with a round trip of just over 6 miles. For the Sierras, it generally got a lot of foot traffic, but compared to Tahoe, it’s desolation mountain.

For those of you guys that understand breadcrumbs, here’s a simple layout of what the regions/sub-regions are:

Sierras –> Carson-Iceberg Wilderness –> Stanislaus National Forest –> Sword/Lost Lake

It’s always nice to be reminded how absolutely beautiful this world is.

Here’s a video recap of the weekend trip.

Shot with GoPro Black Edition
Song: Dawes – When My Time Comes



Carson-Iceberg Wilderness Map

Otis and the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness Map

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