A Trip to Stanislaus National Forest (Sierras) – Part 1: Packing

I decided to plan a last minute trip to Stanislaus National Forest (part of the Sierras) and set camp by a lake for a weekend getaway. As a first-timer in the Sierras, outside of Yosemite, I figured that by documenting this trip, hopefully it would help someone do the same– to just let go and find yourself in nature.

I haven’t done much camping recently, but I figured this was a good place to start. Do a couple miles of backpacking in the beautiful mountains of Northern California, find a lake for some cliff jumping, set camp, and practice my harmonica. So with that in mind, I began to pack away after doing some research and talking to some experienced backpackers.

Here’s what I packed (give or take a few):


  • Rip Curl Spring Suit
  • Leather gloves
  • Lifestraw Water Filter
  • Ocean-safe sunblock
  • Sawyer Water Filter
  • White sage (to burn and keep mosquitos/bugs away)
  • Iodine pills (another water cleaner accessory)*
  • Golden Melody Hohner Harmonica
  • GoPro Black Edition
  • Polarized Happy Lens Spy Sunglasses
  • Playing cards
  • Enamel pan
  • Best Made Co. enamel cup
  • Nature Box snacks
  • Nalgene bottle
  • Wood axe

*Note: I’m bringing most of these water filters to test each one and see which one works best for future trips. 

Otis carries his own stuff ... and some of ours.

The pup carries his own stuff..

  • dog food
  • Gentle Leader leash
  • water
  • dog treats

Clothing - minus undies

Then for clothing…

  • Patagonia swimsuit
  • Best Made Co. Ditty Bag
  • Bali Sarang
  • TImberland Hiking Boots
  • Patagonia Merino wool socks
  • Alpaca Peruvian Sweater
  • Patagonia Hiking Pants and Capri
  • Sawyer Land and Sea Hat
  • DaKine beanie
  • Patagonia Capilene 3/4 zip long sleeve
  • Indonesian Batik shirt
  • + undies. 

All packed upAnd all packed up..

  • Dog pack
  • Gregory 65liter hiking backpack (womens)
  • blanket
  • Kelty 0-15 degree sleeping bag
  • two-man tent
  • My hand-whittled makeshift GoPro stick/hiking pole
  • Thermo sleeping mat 
  • Other really important things..
    • trash bags (leave no trace)
    • carabiners
    • food (this can be a whole separate post in itself)
    • hygiene related items (don’t shower in lakes.. use grey water systems at least 200 ft away from water)
    • bear canister (talk to your Ranger about this one. Not always necessary)
    • first-aid kit

I’m still a rookie – just sharing a bit of how I’m approaching this 3 day trip. So there’s that, part 1 of the Stanislaus National Forest trip monologues.. 

If it helps just one person get outside and find something beautiful – this post was worth it. 

Will put up links and give update post-trip. 


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