Post-Work Mountain Biking – Wilder Ranch/UCSC Loop

So for lunch, I had beer. Naturally, I need to have some sort of balance so a friend and I went on a 13 mile mountain bike ride from Wilder Ranch to UCSC.

The cool thing about this trail is that it almost feels like you’re traveling through different countries because of how diverse the terrain is. You’ll get your occasional single-track, and then all of a sudden you’ll be flying through some plains, all the while passing glimpses of the ocean… it’s mind-blowing.

The awesome part about going after work (6-ish) is that there’s still light out, but there’s also that creeping night chill. Also, everything seems to look a bit more calm closer towards the evening.

Anyways, here are some snaps from the ride today. Excuse the blurriness, I was more focused on not going over the handlebars.

20130910-235240.jpg 20130910-235223.jpg 20130910-235216.jpg 20130910-235207.jpg 20130910-235130.jpg

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