Saturday Evening Alternative – Paint Night

One big difference in my mentality that has absolutely shifted my life is that boredom is a choice. You say you have nothing to do? False, you always have something to do.

Tonight, I decided to paint. I’m no artist by any means, but man do I love to paint random stuff– and horribly at that. It’s alright, I paint because it’s relaxing and I like playing with brushes. Simple. I paint like a little child paints. I think I just like that fact that the cause and effect relationship is simultaneous.


“Why the Sea is Salty” – based on the Korean folktale.


The colors we had to work with: red, white, black


Otis left his mark on my board. :D

IMG_4053 IMG_4035 IMG_4030 IMG_4050 IMG_4042 IMG_4037 IMG_4031 IMG_4032 IMG_4040 IMG_4039 IMG_4044

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