Home Garden Project – Wingin’ it.

My housemate and I were fixing up our deck and we randomly decided to green-up the house a bit by starting a mini herb garden. Cool thing is, most of the stuff that we used was laying around as trash or in the storage underneath our house which was left by previous tenants.

Here are some of the plants we got:

Basil – Yum, goes with anything. Use it as a garnish, stir-fry with it, put it in your sandwich, etc.

Mint – Refreshing smell, great with tea, great with beverages in general

Sage – Smells wonderful, great with tea

Geraniums – Lighten up the deck with some color

Aloe – Good for your skin

Rosemary – Smells great, You can use it for tea and it’s apparently good for your hair

Lavender – Smells awesome, you can make equally awesome-smelling food and garnishes

Parsely – YUM

Chives – YUMMMMM.


Went to the Goodwill on Squid Row to find some nice pots for our plants.


Pro Build Home Garden Center on River street has the BIGGEST selection of organic herbs/plants I’ve ever seen.


We had a budget of $50 so we chose our plants very carefully. :)


I found this old board and some rope in the storage and decided to make a DIY plant rack.


With all the herbs, we wanted to add some color to our deck.



Our little mini herb garden. The little bamboo-reed mats were cut from some blinds that were in the trash bin.


Plant on suspended rack.

Home garden, check.

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