The Art of Canning – Spiced Apple Lemon Ginger Butter

Ever since I fractured my elbow, I’ve been finding new ways to fill up this empty void from my lack of surfing and mountain biking. It’s been two weeks and since then I’ve really started playing with my food a lot. I recently learned how to sterilize canning jars (thanks, Google) and I’ve done some research on food preservation and what-not. So yeah, this post is called the ‘Art of Canning’, but this is a post on my first attempt at canning (and a successful one at that!). Everyone pursuing some type of “Art” has to have a beginning. This is mine!


About 8 apples chopped up.


Random spices. Cloves, ginger, brown sugar, all spice, cinnamon.. lots of cinnamon. Oh and a whole grated lemon.


Boiled this baby and the whole kitchen smelled of apples.


I puree’d the apples, but not to the point of total annihilation, but to the point where it was still a little chunky and you could see strands of apple and lemon.


My definition of a simmer.


WOO. Jarred and now ready to sterilize post-canning.

IMG_3915 IMG_3916 IMG_3917

I still had apples leftover so I did this with them:

Melted some coconut oil and tossed some apples around with cinnamon and brown sugar. Then I baked them. They turned out decent– a lot more exciting than plain apples.

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